ALIEN DISGUISES Heather Grey Unisex t-shirt

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  • This is poly/cotton blend men's t-shirt. ALIEN DISGUISES design by Headline Shirts. The question isn't "are there aliens living among us?" The question is: "How do I keep the aliens and the humans straight?" Not to worry. We've compiled this useful chart of Typical Alien Disguises for your reference.Some of these you're no doubt familiar with. We all know about CIA aliens. We've all been seduced by a seductive alien or two. (Come on, admit it!) And Gary Busey was no surprise. But were you aware of the hipster alien? The bro alien? The 70s-Elvis alien? These clever disguises require a more trained eye.
    • Product Type: poly/cotton blend t-shirt
    • Material: 50% polyester/50% cotton
    • Colour: heather grey
    • Style: men (unisex)
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